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Eddie Dye was a gruff, no nonsense man who had an unwavering faith in God and the human spirit. A sharecropper with three generations of family living in his home, he was a significant influence in the life of his grandson, Keith Lunceford, the storyteller of this compelling history.


Arkansas pastor and storyteller Keith Lunceford has authored a book about his years growing up in his grandfather’s house in the cotton fields of Mississippi. Loving Life at Big Creek is a collection of 66 stories that speaks of the people of that region, their resourcefulness, work ethic, and tremendous faith.

His grandfather, Eddie Dye, was a sharecropper and three generations lived together in a small house on the banks of Big Creek outside Clarksdale, Miss. Eddie Dye was a rough-hewn man of the country. He was completely devoted to his family and to God.

The Dye family and their neighbors had their share of difficulty during a time of poverty, problems, and prejudice, but they were a proud, resourceful, hard-working people. Their faith carried them through the easy times and the most difficult times.

“To his family Eddie Dye was a larger-than-life figure of a man,” writes Lunceford. “He was feared, respected and loved. Even my father who enjoyed success and rank in the military referred to him publicly and privately as ‘Mr. Dye.’ I never remember anyone calling him by his first name — not even my grandmother.”

Along with Eddie Dye and his wife, Maudie, Keith was influenced by his parents, an aunt who married the governor’s nephew, zand Easter Johnson, his nanny, friend, and playmate. Easter was the child of freed slaves who didn’t remember when she was born, but she always had the Bible by her side.

Sometime humorous, sometimes pensive, sometimes entertaining — all chapters are thought-provoking and close with a point of faith.

Since 1978 Lunceford has been pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church in Searcy, Ark. He has a commitment to Jesus Christ, a love of people, and a heart for service. Keith and his wife, Rita, have two children, Kevin and Lisa, and a granddaughter, Gracie.

Loving Life at Big Creek is published by Lunceford Publications, and is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle format.